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Green tea to Cure HIV
For hundreds of years, environment-friendly tea has actually been extensively made use of by the Chinese not just for its preference but likewise because of its medicinal residential or commercial properties. Today eco-friendly tea is a popular drink among any ages all over the world because of its tested efficiency on minor as well as significant health problems, and due to its tried and tested medical homes, matched by growing varieties of testaments and healing insurance claims, scientists now see environment-friendly tea to be a promising remedy for HIV.

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HIV is a significant issue on wellness nowadays due to the fact that great deals of people have been diagnosed of having this fatal condition. And also the search for the cure against HIV as well as consisting of AIDS has proven to be very hard.

Scientists from Purdue University had its research on the nature, residential or commercial property as well as health benefits of eco-friendly tea. They have done well on determining epigallocatechin gallate (EGCg) a compound found on environment-friendly tea which hinders the development of cancer cells. College of Tokyo had actually made a separate study on green tea and the outcome of their research is that, EGCg binds with CD4 cells which activity is to prevent HIV binding processes as well as later on ruins the cell. The studies suggest that environment-friendly tea have materials like EGCg that could aid open up brand-new frontiers on the battle versus HIV and even cancer.


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It additionally verified that alcohol consumption 4 to 5 cups of environment-friendly tea a day could help reduce the pathogenesis of HIV as a result of the powerful web content of EGCg. Scientists likewise revealed that the results could lead them to the development of an HIV cure. Nonetheless they additionally disclosed that the focus of EGCg present on 4 to 5 cups of green tea is not nearly enough to completely destroy cancer cells.

Individuals commonly ask if various other kinds of tea have the same advantages as eco-friendly tea. The truth is environment-friendly tea has more health advantages compared with various other types of tea. Although all tea originates from a single resource which is Camellia sinesis plant, all tea have their very own characteristics when it involves taste, shade, scent, as well as advantages. Eco-friendly tea leaves are refined in a different way. Fallen leaves are steamed then dried allowing the elements not to be oxidized at the same time. These makes eco-friendly tea 10 times extra potent as well as effective solution versus health problem as compared to other tea.

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Environment-friendly tea is verified to be helpful on the following medical conditions:

• Rheumatoid joint inflammation

• Assists to lower cholesterol degree of the body

• Aids maintains a regular high blood pressure stopping high blood pressure

• Cardiovascular disease as well as stroke

• Assists fight against infection due to bacteria and also viruses

• Aids enhance damaged immune response

• Ruins free radicals

• Aids maintain healthy and balanced fluid as well as electrolytes balance

• It helps avoid dental caries by killing microorganisms that causes dental plaque

• Aids relieve tension and fatigue

• Contaminant avoidance in the liver

• Quits thrombosis which is the leading cause of cardiac arrest

• Eco-friendly tea likewise has fat burning benefits

• It assists burn fat and also makes the body feel even more energetic

• Eco-friendly tea is additionally used to relax the mind

Currently scientists are still making strenuous researches on eco-friendly tea intending to discover some ground on how to establish the precise mechanism of EGCg binding with CD4, with favorable outcomes individuals could now stand a possibility versus a dangerous disease through enjoying the relaxing, comforting and scrumptious taste of your preferred eco-friendly tea.

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